Tips to keep your gate working for you this winter

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Date Posted: February 21, 2019

Snow? Upon accumulation, be sure you take the time to remove snow from the swing of your gate, off the track and/or path of your gate and off of your safety photocells before it functions. Remember, your gate does not make a great snow plow!

Be sure to always know where your manual key is and the manual release on gate motor is. If your gate ever stops working or you if are concerned about having it run in extreme weather, this is valuable information.

When the forecast calls for high winds, keeping  your gate open and tied off to avoid damage is the safest solution. This is especially true when you have a swing gate. If your gate is automated make sure once you engage the manual release and open your gate, you lock it again. Generally your gate will require a small amount of movement once it is all the way open and relocked to set, you will be able to feel it when it re-engages and is locked into place.

Freezing temperatures can interfere with the daily function of your automated gate. Motors can potentially 'freeze up" in certain situations, especially when there is a period of freezing, thaw and another freeze. This weather can temporarily seize up the motors moving parts, or in some situations throw your alignment off or even cause your motor to stop working completely. We recommend yearly maintenance to lower the probability of this happening your system. In periods of abnormal freezing temperatures we recommend you keep your gate locked open manually, but we understand this isnt always an option.

No matter the weather, regular maintenance including lubrication, ensuring the motor is clean and track are is clear, checking the alignment, inspection of hinges/track/wheels and a full inspection of all the working components will ensure your gate and operator will continue to perform at its best, protecting your security, your investment and your peace of mind.

Has it been over 12 months since your last maintenance? Contact us today to book a yearly maintenance appointment!

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